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Supporting Voting Rights in America: How You Can Protect Our Voice

Dora with graduation MPAOL students
Dora with graduation MPAOL students

Conversations about voting rights in America and the Freedom to Vote Act underscore an opportunity to improve upon and make an impact in this country.

Dora Kingsley Vertenten, teaching professor and faculty director for USC’s Master of Public Administration online program, explains, “I’m passionate about the fact that people should be involved and should be educated to know how to be involved, and that if everybody can vote and it’s a fair and level playing field, then perhaps we’ll get the best elected officials we possibly deserve.”

Unfortunately, debate about whether things are fair leads into the issue at hand. Vertenten — who is an award-winning faculty member, lifetime Fellow of the Congress-chartered National Academy of Public Administration, seven-time participant of the national Presidential naming convention and who has appeared in interviews on NBC, PBS, BBC and New York One — discussed the situation and ways to make a difference in the latest blog post on

Read the full article here to learn why voting rights are still an issue and how the MPA program online can impact those interested in dedicating their careers to protecting Americans’ voices.